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CEV Specialities:

Video Production Northern Ireland and Ireland, Corporate Video, Event Filming, Sports and Event Coverage. A range of Video production services, Live Streaming and products to fit your organization specific needs. Video production company.

Our Team

Paul Heaney

Camera Operator and Planner

Paul is a professional Videographer from Lurgan in Co. Armagh. With several decades of experience in Video, editing and design, Paul is our principal videographer. In fact, Paul helped found Celebrations Event Videos in the first place! He thinks he's the boss!

Kevin Fox

IT and Communications

Kevin is our go-to guy when we need to stream your event. He sets up the servers, internet connections and makes all our gear speak to the internet and onto the viewers you need, to be watching your event. He can do this as a "free to enduser" service or a paid for service. You tell us and we sort it for you!

Stephen McGuigan

Videographer and Editor

Stephen is from outside Armagh city and is recently graduated. He has a great eye for detail and extensive knowledge of Apple computers and video editing systems. His artistic flair and need for perfection is an asset to Celebrations Event Videos and to you when he turns up to work at your event.
Stephen recently took up a post based in Galway city and can be seen behind the camera at lots of high profile sports and new events throughout Ireland, getting back to help out on some of our bigger events.

Gary Brankin

Event Director, Producer and Editor

Gary is one of our permanent part-timers as he primarily works as a teacher, but is extensively experienced in multicamera "live" events at everything from school plays and stage productions, to field sports events and corporate and conference streaming and "in-house" viewing screens. He produces and directs a lot of our live events and is also useful as a video editor!

Brendan McCann

Voiceovers And Commentary

Brendan is extensively experienced in commentary for "live" events such as sports games and conferences. He has also done voiceover work and interviewed sports and media personalities at many different games and events. His friendly persona makes him affable to anyone that meets him.

Catherine Hughes

Camera Operator

Catherine joined the crew in 2014 whilst still at college and has become a regular behind the camera at all type of events from sports to wedding, live shows and conferences. Her infectious laugh keeps everyone smiling. Nicknamed "the bosses daughter" because she gets away with telling him how it is! Yes she hates being in front of the camera!!

The Principals

These are the main key personel in CEV although we have a number of other casual and part-time crew which we bring in whenever they are required - all of which are highly trained in each of the fields they work in.


We also hire in professional crews for other services when you require them and also other companies when the need arises! 


To book or make an enquiry, call now or use our online form to check for availability.

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